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ImageWelcome to the website of the Shining Knights Chess Company! We partner with Elementary schools, Middle schools, and community centers to teach chess to children. We teach students of all different levels, from total beginners to national champions. We also run scholastic tournaments, where students can compete both individually and as members of their school’s team. For the more advanced scholastic chessplayers, we organize monthly adult chess tournaments to allow for stronger competition. We currently teach classes and run tournaments and camps in Pennsylvania.

To register for one of our chess events, click on the appropriate link above. If you have any questions about our chess events, feel free to contact us or look at our FAQs.

2018 Chess Pieces of April

The 2018 Chess Pieces of April proved to be a fun-filled tournament with the majority of players having prior Shining Knights tournament experience.  Good sportsmanship resulted in making first-timers welcome, parents even more proud, and creating new friendships.   Here are the top players per section:

 K-6 U200 Individual:                            Top Teams: Ithan with Gladwyne Elementary coming in 2nd

1    Ezra Fenkel
2    Clyde McAllister
3    Pratik Fernandes
4    David Falcone
5    Samuel Kim
6    Sebastian Bauza


K-6 U500 Individual:                                  Top Teams: The Philadelphia School besting Pickering

1    Max Light
2    Aarav Hosanagar
3    Kyler Parker
4    Deegan Campbell
5    Michael Al Lerner
6    Sahasvat Vasikarla
Recognition to Josiah Tjoe, Simon Castello, Colin Varano, and Meghana Vasireddy.


K-12 U800 Individual:                        Top Teams: Germantown Friends with Shipley coming in 2nd

1    Abhiram Vadiguri
2    Sophia Stoy
3    Sam Goldsborough
4    Rhea Sofia Howard
5    Travis Johnson
6    Pranav Sangani

K-12 Championship Individual:                                   Top Team: Pocopson

1    Sathvi Bollepalli
2    Anshul Kollur
3    Saket Banda
4    Enmon Liu
5    Siddhant Suresh

The World Chess Championship 2018 is an upcoming chess match between the reigning world champion since 2013, Magnus Carlsen, and challenger Fabiano Caruana to determine the World Chess Champion. The 12-game match, organized by FIDE and its commercial partner Agon, will be played in London between 9 and 28 November 2018.  
Enjoy the wonder of the Spring!   Hope to see all the kids proficient with chess notation as that skill translates to more than just reading the chess language.


2018 State Warm-Up

The 2018 Shining Knights State Warm-Up Tournament proved to be a venue of great chess play among the youth.  Pawns were pushed, horses jumped abound, and Queens scoped great distances.  It was great to see much energy in the room and support trying to peer from the outside by intrigued parents and coaches.  Here are the top players per section:

 K-6 U200Individual:               

             Top Teams: Lower Gwynedd with Perelman as a close 2nd
1    Erez Danilewitz
2    Benjamin Clemens
3    Sumit Laha
4    Rithvik Kasina
5    Evan Sielski
6    Roman Olijnyk-Wong
Special accolades to Touma Miyakawa, Amicha, Danilewitz, and Taegan Mason.

K-6 U500 Individual:                             Top Teams: Kutz followed by Radnor

1    Enmon Liu
2    Jack Pickel
3    Henry Ma Tornetta
4    Cole Patterson
5    Anirudh Red Akula
6    Kyler Parker
Recognition to Rithik Rao and Rushil Reddy.

K-12 U800 Individual:                           Top Teams: Skyview followed by Pocopson

1    Justin Derosa
2    Siddh Prabhudesai
3    Manik Narula
4    Saket Banda
5    Daniel Goldovsky
6    Abhin Ravishankar

K-12 Championship Individual:            Top Team: Walton   

1    Amogh Kollipara
2    Seth Kellan Casel
3    Advaith Kollipara
4    Hemanth K Kolluri
5    Kenta Tsukamoto
Shout out to Alexandros Pratsos.

Following in the steps of the world champion Philadelphia Eagles, the kids playing at our tournament all had a winning spirit.  Hope to see all the kids proficient with chess notation as that skill translates to more than just reading the chess language.  See you at the April tournament!  And Good Luck to all players heading to the PA State Chess Championship.


The December Crush Tournament housed the best behaved group of players I have ever directed over.  We are seeing more and more players take notation and using clocks.  Looks like the Nice List has been expanded/reinforced by another 79 names.    Please take some time to congratulate all our tournament participants as well as the top performers listed as follows:

Standings December Crush 

K-6 U200 Individual:               Top Team: Merion ES       2nd Team: DE County Christian

1          Kaushik Sivakumar

2          David Mermar

3          Ethan Wang

4          Greta Golberg

5          Caleb  Best

6          Akshith Nair

K-6 U500 Individual:                 Top Team: Belmont      2nd Team: Pickering

1          Jonathan Yang

2          Arnav Kandikonda

3          Max Light

4          Rithik Rao

5          Kyler Parker

6          Sahrsh Hulage

Recognition to Deeya Mulchandani

K-12 U800 Individual:              Top Team: Upper Merion MS       2nd Team: Skyview

1          Somil Tare

2          Saket Banda

3          Abhina Ravishankar

4          Travis Johnson

5          Ronan Murphy

6          Damon Sun

K-12 Championship Individual:            Top Team: Lionville MS      

1          Charles Yang

2          Vasishta Tumuluri

3          Siddhant Suresh

4          Hemanth Kolluri

5          Siddarth Sankar

Enjoy your holidays and keep on learning!   Hope to see all the kids proficient with chess notation as that skill translates to more than just reading the chess language.