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Tournament Results - May Rumble

The May Rumble chess tournament took place on May 19 at Kutz Elementary School in Doylestown, PA.  John Fleming, a 3rd-grader from Our Lady of Good Counsel, took 1st place in the K-3 section.

U.S. Championship - Fourth Round

Just when I though that the angel who was watching over me during the last two rounds would be with me the whole tournament, she abandoned me.  I lost today against Walter Browne, who is formerly one of the top players in the world.  Now his best years are past, so I did not expect to lose to him, but he played very well.  He got a better position out of the opening.  Then it seemed like I had surmounted all my difficulties, but it was really not the case.  I allowed some tactics to happen, thinking that there had to be something there, but there just wasn't.  The best I could find was a spectacular-looking (but benign) queen sacrifice which led to a position where I had only some drawing chances.  He won with good technique.

Lucky Again!

Hi kids and parents.  Yesterday I played against GM Dmitry Gurevich.  It is a strange story—I played him in a simultaneous exhibition when I was fourteen years old.  I had just learned how to play chess, and naturally I lost.  But I think his visit to Alaska was one of the reasons I ended up getting so interested in  chess.  Who could imagine that thirteen years later  I would play him in the U.S. Championship?


Hi, this is my first report about the U.S. Championship!  Unfortunately I lost yesterday, in the first round.  My opponent was grandmaster Alex Stripunsky, whom I have played many times.  {Editor's Note: click here to see Bryan's 1st round game}  Actually, he is my nemesis.  It is funny, but he is the first grandmaster I ever played in a tournament game, and that time I drew.  But since then, I have lost every time; so for some reason he is my worst possible opponent.  Yesterday's game pretty much followed the pattern of a lot of our other games: I messed up the opening and got a bad position.  But then we both missed a clear win for him, and he started to makes some bad moves, and soon I had a pretty good game.  In the end I missed a move that would give me the advantage, and ended up losing. 

Heading off to the US Championship...

Hi kids (and parents)!

 My name is Bryan Smith.  I am a chess coach with Silver Knights, and an international master.  I taught the advanced class in Bryn Mawr, and plan to teach more classes in the fall.  As you might know, I am playing in the U.S. Championship, which starts Tuesday.  I qualified for it by winning the U.S. Masters last year.  For a long time it wasn't clear whether there would be a U.S. Championship this year, when the main sponsors backed out.  But new sponsors emerged in Oklahoma, and that is where I am headed.

IM Bryan Smith at U.S. Championships

The 2007 U.S. Chess Championship will be held May 15-23 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  One of our coaches, International Master Bryan Smith, is part of the 36-player field.  This is the first time Bryan has qualified for the U.S. Championships, and he begins the tournament as the 26th-seeded player so it will be quite a challenge!  All of us here at Silver Knights wish him good luck at the tournament.  Check back for continuing updates from Bryan during the tournament. You can follow his games live here.

Tournament Results Archive

It is now possible to view the U.S. Chess Federation's archived results of all Silver Knights tournaments during the 2006-2007 academic year by clicking here.