Tournament Results - Greater Pocono Scholastic Championships

USCF Rating Report

On September 25, 41 students met at the 4th Annual Pocono Scholastic Championship in Swiftwater, PA.  The Championship Section was won by Justin Moore with a score of 3.5-0.5.  Second through fourth place went to Eryk Banatt, Ian Clark, and Andrew M. Thomas, respectively, all scoring 3.0-1.0.  In the U1000 section, Kyra Schuter edged out Zeto Wang on tiebreaks after both went 4.0-0.0.  Eight players tied for 3rd through 10th with a 3.0-1.0 score

Sparta High School won the championship section with 10 team points, while Pocono Mountain East was victorious in the U/1000 section with 12 team points.

Thanks to all the players, coaches, and parents for a great event!  This was the best-attended Pocono event yet, and we look forward to next year!