Tournament Results - Doylestown Quads

USCF Rating Report

27 scholastic chessplayers competed in the 2nd scholastic quads event at the Doylestown Activity Center.  Jason Britchkow took first place in the 1st rated quad with a 3/3 score.  Daniel and Stephen Bolton tied for first place in the swiss with 2.5/3 points each.

Results for the unrated quads are shown below the fold. We hope everyone had a great time and we look forward to seeing you all again on November 5!

Unrated Quad #1:

Evan Britchkow: 3 points
Zack Kiefer: 1.5
Stephen Kuneck: 1.5
Hannah Jackson: 0

Unrated Quad #2:

Jack Mannas: 2.5
John Young: 2
Ryan Booth: 1.5
Kyle Goldrick: 0

Unrated Quad #3:

Dylan Isley: 2
Michael Sobieski: 2
John Murnon: 1.5
Joey Kirby: 0.5

Unrated Quad #4:

Josh Geller: 3
Jack Fareno: 2
Sage Scarlett: 1
Giorgio Tatarelli: 0