Tournament Results - Delaware Valley Open Championship

USCF Rating Report

This weekend, more than 100 chessplayers met at the 2nd Annual Delaware Valley Open Championship.  In the Championship section, PA State Champion Alisa Melekhina came back from a first-round upset loss to beat top seed Farai Mandizha and tie him for first place with a score of 4.0 - 1.0.  In the Under 1600 section, being nicked for a draw in the last round didn't stop Lewis Bowman from taking 1st place with a score of 4.5 - 0.5.  Isabel Neiva tore through the Under 1000 section to a perfect 4.0 - 0.0 score, and  Ana Hallman did likewise in the Under 700 section.  In the K-6 Under 400  Ethan Blum and Yuva Gambhir both went 4.0 - 0.0 with Ethan winning first place because of tiebreaks.  Full standings available by clicking on the USCF Rating Report link above.