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Tournament Results: Liberty Scholastic #1

Link to USCF Ratings Report

 More than fifty players competed in first SKC chess tournament ever held in Loudoun County.  In Championship section, top rated Clark Smiley stormed through the competition, going 4-0.  Mahati Malladi took second place going 3-0 after taking a first round bye.   Jack Jiang and Andrew Song took third and fourth with three wins and a loss each.  Bull Run Elementary dominated the team competition, finishing several points clear of all the other teams.


In the K-6 U-500 section, a pair of youngsters tied for first place as first grader Philip Onischuk and kindergartner Jay Lalwani both impressively went 4-0.  Saarthak Sethi, Vishal Kobla, and Aadith Vittala rounded out the top five, each going 3-1.  Floris Elementary took first place in the team competition, in spite of all four of its players losing a game to Jay Lalwani.


Jeremy Rechner, Aneesh Boreda, and Austin Song all won their unrated quads.