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Tournament Results - January Joust VA

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The January Joust had clear winners in every section. In the K-12 Championship section, Navid Bajoghli won three and drew one to win the section.  Diego Gutierrez, Parv Ahuja, Andrew J Song, and Reagan Naughton all tied with three points, and finished in that order based on tiebreaks.  Andrew and Diego earned the top team trophy for Greenbriar West.  In the K-12 U-900 section, Rahul Rajan took first place with three wins and a draw, and again, there were a bunch of players tied with three points, as Brendan Aronhime, James Liu, Shardul Rakshit, Aidan Aronhime, and Neha Pattanaik finished in that order. Abhishek Allamsetty and Marwan Lloyd represented Nysmith, the top team in U-900.  In K-6 U-500, Nathan Tankel finished with the only perfect score of the day, going 4-0.  David Siamon, Adam Dietrich, and Jared Tankel took second, third and fourth, each finishing with three points.  Hunters Woods Elementary was the top team, and the team was composed of both Tankels and David Siamon.  Evan Deng, Rishahb Anand, Harold White, Aryaan Hussain, and Ryan Adoremos all won their unrated quads.

Full results below the fold.

SwissSys Standings. January Joust: K-6 U-500

#NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotTBrk[M]TBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
1Nathan Tankelunr.HWE5W14W5W7W6 4.0771021
2David Siamonunr.HWE4D3W13D6W7
3Adam Dietrich428CES3D2W11D5W8 3.07.58721
4Jared Tankelunr.HWE4L5W14W12W9 3.055615
5Viraj Boreda491SWES2W4L1D3W11 2.51010.5626
6Anjali Pattanaik329DPES6W8W12D2L1 2.599.5825
7Saketh Nadriga444FLORIS5W13W9L1L2 2.0510724
8Alexander Longunr.RHES5L6W10W11L3 2.04.58521
9Jasper Barnettunr.CES6W10L7W14L4 2.047616
10Matthew Wang293HORIZO1L9L8W13W12 2.035.5315
11Anusha Allamsetty164NYSM3B---L3L8L5
12Austin J Songunr.GBWkX15L6L4L10
13Gautam Lalwaniunr.RLES4L7L2L10W14 1.047117
14Katie McGrail363LRE5L1L4L9L13 0.0610023
15Brad Zhao281SHESkF12U---U---U--- 0.00000

SwissSys Standings. January Joust: K-12 Champ

#NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotTBrk[M]TBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
1Navid Bajoghli1378KENGAR6W5W4W2D3 3.59129.528.5
2Diego Gutierrez907GBW4W10W6L1W8 3.078823.5
3Parv Ahuja1352HWE6D8W7W9D1 3.0787.520.5
4Andrew J Song954GBW4W9L1W10W6
5Reagan Naughton1047MTMS7L1W9W7W12
6Isabel James1108WIS8W11L2W8L4
7Maggie Luo885BRES4W12L3L5W10 2.047516.5
8Rahul Chaudhary1005CHURES4D3W12L6L2 1.558521.5
9Jay Lalwani1132RLESkL4L5L3W11 1.0710122.5
10Justin Wang1098HORIZO3L2W11L4L7 1.069322
11Alex Chang923NLES5L6L10W12L9 1.024210
12Miguel Arevalo1064STANAB6L7L8L11L5

SwissSys Standings. January Joust: K-12 U-900

#NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotTBrk[M]TBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
1Rahul Rajan741FLORIS5W13D10W9W2 3.578.58.525.5
2Brendan Aronhime726RRMS8W15W7W8L1 3.07.58923.5
3James Liu650ACE3D11D4W17W7 3.0776.517
4Shardul Rakshit574VET5H---D3W14W8
5Aidan Aronhime657PTES5W17L8W13W9
6Neha Pattanaik624BRES4L7W17W16W15 3.03368
7Christopher Salley764PERRYE5W6L2W10L3 2.0611627.5
8Sadhana Suri745GBW5W12W5L2L4 2.0610.5724.5
9Abhishek Allamsetty545NYSM4W14W11L1L5 2.0510723.5
10Marwan Lloyd846NYSM7W16D1L7D11 2.048619
11Aneesh Boreda882SWES3D3L9W15D10
12Miles Nelson608COLRUN5L8L14B---W17
13Adhvayith Sriram545LBES3L1W16L5D14 1.558.53.519
14Ajith Kemisetti708BUZZAL4L9W12L4D13 1.5583.519
15Brent Jamsa261JLES5L2B---L11L6 1.058219.5
16Siddharth Vishweshwaran628WME2L10L13L6B---
17Neil Deng474JRES1L5L6L3L12 0.07.510.5021.5


Quad 1

Rishahb Anand 3

Andrei Zhigunnov 1.5

Will Nelson 1

Victor Mardon 0.5


Quad 2

Harold White 2.5

Christian Marinaro 1.5

Michael Einhorn 1

Gaurav Mantri 1


Quad 3

Aryaan Hussain 3

Jack Barrett 2

Jayson Diner 1

Sam Schenk 0


Quad 4

Ryan Adoremos 2.5

Neel Davuluri 2

Abhinav Karthikeyan 1

Andrew Nelson 0.5


"Quad" 5

Evan Deng 3

David Leggett 2

Asher Tankel 2

Niels Clark 1.5

Daniel Leverett 1.5

Rohan Damani 1

Liam McLaughlin 1