Chess League Results!

The first three rounds of the Silver Knights Chess League took place Sunday, January 30, at Wayne Elementary School. Round 4-6 are Saturday, Febraury 12, at the same location.  Standings are shown below the fold...


SwissSys Standings. League2011: K-8 Rated

#NameRtngTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotTBrk[G]TBrk[U]
1Friends Central A609FRICEAW5 [3.0]W10 [3.0]W4 [3.0] 3.0916.5
2Bridge Valley Elementary927BRIDGVD7 [2.0]W6 [3.0]W8 [3.0] 2.5813.5
3Wyomissing Area Jr/Sr HS516WYOD8 [2.0]W7 [2.5]W11 [3.5] 2.5812
4Ithan Elementary702ITHW9 [3.0]W13 [4.0]L1 [1.0] 2.0811.5
5Skippack A Team218SKIPAL1 [1.0]W16 [4.0]W14 [2.5]
6Bells Elementary School Dunr.BELLSDW16 [3.0]L2 [1.0]W13 [3.0] 2.075.5
7Bells Elementary School A363BELLSAD2 [2.0]L3 [1.5]W15 [3.0]
8Buckingham Elementary Schoolunr.BUCKELD3 [2.0]W14 [3.0]L2 [1.0] 1.569
9Friend Central B317FRICEBL4 [1.0]W12 [3.0]D10 [2.0] 1.568
10Shady Grove Elementary School615SHAGROW15 [3.0]L1 [1.0]D9 [2.0] 1.566
11Friends Central C130FRICECD14 [2.0]W15 [3.0]L3 [0.5]
12Upper Providence Elementary190UPPROVL13 [1.0]L9 [1.0]W16 [3.0] 1.052.5
13Bells Elementary School C537BELLSCW12 [3.0]L4 [0.0]L6 [1.0] 1.045
14Bells Elementary School B518BELLSBD11 [2.0]L8 [1.0]L5 [1.5]
15Montgomery School Boys250MONTBOL10 [1.0]L11 [1.0]L7 [1.0] 0.034.5
16Montgomery School Girls107MONTGIL6 [1.0]L5 [0.0]L12 [1.0] 0.023


SwissSys Standings. League2011: K-3 Unrated

#NameRtngTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotTBrk[G]TBrk[U]
1Whitemarsh Elementaryunr.WHITEB--- [4.0]W2 [3.0]W3 [4.0] 3.01110
2Montgomeryunr.MONTGOW3 [3.5]L1 [1.0]B--- [4.0]
3Skippack Elementary Bunr.SKIPBL2 [0.5]B--- [4.0]L1 [0.0] 1.04.51