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Tournament Results - Howard County January

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In the January Howard County tournament, Lawrence Zhao won the rated section with a perfect 4-0 score, just ahead of John Panagiotopoulos who was playing in his first tournament and finished with 3.5.   Shardul Rakshit took third with 2.5, playing in in his second tournament in as many days.  In the Unrated 6-12 section, Jay Pan edged out Christopher Love on tiebreaks after both finished 3-1.  In the Unrated K-5 section, Zain Khan dominated the competition, winning all four games, and beating the second, third, and fourth place finishers, Zachary Allen, Max Ransi, and Spencer Lefever.

Full results for all sections below the fold.

SwissSys Standings. Howard: 6-12 Unrated

#NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotTBrk[M]TBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
1Jay Panunr. 7W3W2L4W3 3.056815
2Christopher Loveunr. 6W4L1W3W4 3.056715
3Jimmy Mielkeunr. 6L1W4L2L1 1.0710325
4Caleb Driesmanunr. 6L2L3W1L2 1.0710225

SwissSys Standings. Howard: K-5 Unrated

#NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotTBrk[M]TBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
1Zain Khanunr. 4W3W12W4W2 4.0910.51028
2Zachary Allenunr.  W13W10W5L1 3.0910.5924.5
3Max Ransiunr. 3L1W13W9W6 3.08.510624.5
4Spencer Lefeverunr. 4W19W15L1W8 3.07.59820
5Charles Luunr. 1W8W9L2W12 3.078.5824
6Hans Cabreraunr. 4D11W14W7L3 2.57.59719.5
7Noah Kimunr. 4D10W16L6W15 2.567619
8Kai Ueckerunr. 5L5W11W17L4 2.059523
9Josiah Cabreraunr. 5W20L5L3W16
10Isaac Justiceunr. 4D7L2D14W17 2.048421.5
11Curtis Yununr. 3D6L8D16W18 2.035.5415
12Kyle Yinglingunr. 5W17L1D15L5
13Michael Websterunr. 3L2L3W18D14
14Pranav Ampaniunr. 4D16L6D10D13 1.54.573.516.5
15John Freedunr. 3W18L4D12L7 1.547519
16Girija Mallampalliunr. 2D14L7D11L9 1.05.58318.5
17Kaya Stargelunr. 4L12W18L8L10
18Landon Cooleyunr. 1L15L17L13L11 0.046014.5
19Blaise Colbergunr. 2L4F20U---U--- 0.00308
20Chance Jr Barteeunr. 2L9F19U---U--- 0.00205

SwissSys Standings. Howard: K-12 Rated

#NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotTBrk[M]TBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
1Lawrence Zhao1004 6W9W6W5W3
2John Panagiotopoulosunr. 11W4D3W6W5 3.5798.524
3Shardul Rakshit757 5W10D2W7L1 2.58.597.523
4Joseph Tarantin722 3L2D10W8W7 2.55.564.514
5Grant Li496 5W7W8L1L2
6Khiem Doanunr. 4W8L1L2W9
7Jacob Washinger757 5L5W9L3L4 1.05.58321
8Katie Li748 3L6L5L4W10 1.04.57118
9Ganesh Mallampalli544 6L1L7W10L6
10Asrith Biradavolu365 1L3D4L9L8 0.54.571.515