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Tournament Results: February Freeze VA

Link to USCF Ratings Report

At the February Freeze chess tournament, Alex Peng won the K-12 championship section while helping Floris Elementary to be the top school in the section.  He narrowly edged out Ollie Gainer who also finished with 3.5/4.  In the K-12 U-900 section, Nitin Ramachandran went 4-0 to finish in first place, and Wolftrap Elementary dominated the team competition.  In K-6 U-500, Brent Jamsa won all four games to win the section.  In the January Joust tournament, Brent got swept in the U-900 section, but clearly learned some valuable lessons that helped him on Sunday.  Bull Run Elementary was the top team in the section.  In the unrated quads, Jack McNiff, Claire Wang, Ilse Dubert, David Han, Will Lawrence, Rishabh Anand, Ben Rakatansky, and Neel Davuluri all won their quads.  Full quads results below the fold.

Ben Rakatansky 2.5

Krish Sahoo  1.5

Liam McLaughlin 1

Kieran O'Neill 1


Neel Davuluri 3

Ryan Bibb 2

Marc Kuzel 1

Drew Tidwell 0


Will Lawrence 3

Tate Lemm 2

Jaehoon Smith 1

Albert Chen 0


Rishabh Anand 3

Logan Duffy 2

Shawn Jassal 0.5

 Alexander Wahid 0.5


Ilse Dubert 3

Jackson Coe 2

Sean McNiff 1

Nathan Loney 0


David Han 2.5

Christian Lopez 2

Johnny Tecala 1.5

Annica Dubert 0


Jack McNiff 3

Ben Choe 2

Ryan Cull 1

Aliya Loney 0


Claire Wang 3

Vishal Reddy 2

Liesellotte Dubert 0.5

Tyler Schroder 0.5