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Tournament Results - Virginia State Warm-up

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In the Virginia State Warm-up, the k-12 Championship section was dominated by a group from Northwest High School in Maryland, who were preparing for the u-1600 section at nationals.  Michael Martinez took first, and was followed by Shane Mazuk, Cyrus Cordero, Andrew Bosco, and Naveed Chowdhury, and as a team, they scored 14 points.

In K-12 U-900 section, Philip Onischuk finished in first place with a perfect 4-0.  Marwan Lloyd and Neha Pattanaik tied for second with 3.5, after drawing each other in the last round.  Nysmith was the top team in the section with Marwan Lloyd and Abhishek Allamsetty combining for 5.5 points.

 In K-6 U-500 Jasper Barnett scored 3.5/4 to win the section.  He was followed by Bowen Zhan, Theodore Meale, Neil Deng, and Siddharth Vishweshwaran followed with 3 wins and a loss.  Floris was the top team in the section, as Bowen, Rahul Gorijala, and Lilian Zhang combined for 8 points.

In the Unrated Quads, Justin Li won all three games to win his quad.  Eric Schlier won 2/3 and edged out Krish Sahoo on tiebreaks to win his quad.  Rex Allard won the youngest quad, also going 3-0.  Full results for the unrated quads below the fold.

Rex Allard 3

Ethan Piccus 2

Evan Deng 1

WIlliam True 0


Eric Schlier 2

Krish Sahoo 2

Tiara Allard 1

Sophia Revesz 1


Justin Li 3

George Daubney 2

Suryakumar Balamurugadass 2

Jason Xu 1

Claire Revesz 1

Liam McLaughlin 0