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Tournament Results: Arlington Quads

Results for all quads below the fold.

In the top quad, Gregory Revesz won a tense blitz playoff with Addison Phelps to earn first place.


Gregory Revesz 2.5

Addison Phelps 2.5

Rajit Mukhopadhyay 0.5

Tom Byron 0.5


Fabricio Miguez 3

Will Lawrence 2

Claire Revesz 1

Harold White 0


Max "Big" Sasaki 2.5

Sophia Revesz 1.5

Keelin Dvorak 1.5

Long Le 0.5


In the youngest quad the youngest player, Charlie Cake won three games with three back-rank mates.

 Charlie Cake 3

Ethan Mansour 2

Josephine Majowka 1

Julian Farr 0