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Tournament Results: Team Tournament 3

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More than 130 players competed in Team Tournament 3 at the Our Lady of Good Counsel School in Vienna.  In the K-8 Rated section, there was a four way tie for first place between Floris A (Alex Peng, Neeyanth Kopparapu, Austin Huang, and Rahul Rajan), Hunters Woods (Mandeep Bhadra, Parv Ahuja, Jared Tankel, and Nathan Tankel), Bull Run A (Maggie Luo, Vedant Balu, Neha Pattanaik, and Charlie Gunn), and Bull Run B (Luke Emanuel, Anish Sriniketh, Charles Tai, and Andrew Vo.  Each of those teams won three matches and drew one.  The first tie break is total games won, and Floris A, Bull Run A, and Hunters Woods all won 14/16 individual games.  The final tiebreak is strength of schedule, and on strength of schedule, Floris A narrowly edged out Bull Run A and Hunters Woods.

Peng, Ahuja, Bhadra, Luo, Pattanaik, and Zhang all get an honorable mention for going 4-0, as do Aneesh Boreda who led Steuart Weller to a fifth place finish and Shishir Sriramoju, and integral part of Bull Run C.

Floris E dominated the K-3 unrated section by winning all four of their matches, led by Neel Mandapati’s 4-0, Aman Patel’s 3.5/4, and Matthew Quivey and Sree Revoori who both finished with 3/4.  Bull Run D (Amy Luo, Sean Gunn, Ryan Vo, and Joanne Lee) took second place with 2.5/4 in the matches, narrowly edging out the host school, OLGC B (John Dujmovic who went 4-0, Martin Llames, Ben Vertman, and Dean Vance), Virginia Run D (Jonathan Lee who scored 3.5/4 on first bored, Chase Roche, Joshua Byrd, and Jason Cheifitz), and Sunset Hills Montessori (Owen Gemignani, Niels Clark, Connor Poole, and Bora Tekin).

Full results for all individuals and teams below the fold.

Team Roster and Scores. VATT3: Unrated K-3

1FLORIEFloris E (0.0) W4 W9 W5 W34.013.529.25
2BURUNDBull Run D (0.0) L5 D4 W10 W72.59.516.75
3OLGCBOLGCB (0.0) W10 D6 W8 L12.59.511
4VARUNDVirginia Run D (0.0) L1 D2 W9 W82.5913.5
5SHMSunset Hills Montessori (0.0) W2 W7 L1 D62.57.516.25
6FAIRHDFairhill D (0.0) W9 D3 L7 D52.07.514.5
7FRASHEFranklin Sherman (0.0) W8 L5 W6 L22.06.511
8FLORIFFloris F (0.0) L7 W10 L3 L41.079.25
9FSESBFranklin Sherman B (0.0) L6 L1 L4 W101.05.57
10VARUNEVirginia Run E (0.0) L3 L8 L2 L90.03.55.75

Team Roster and Scores. VATT3: Rated K-8

1FLORIAFloris A (1136.5) W6 D2 W17 W93.51431
2BURUNABull Run A (1061.5) W12 D1 W15 W113.51429
3HUNWESHunters Woods Elementary School (1027.0) W20 W7 W9 D43.51429
4BURUNBBull Run B (798.5) W14 W10 W11 D33.512.526.75
5SWESSteuart Weller (615.8) D13 D6 W18 W103.01120
6VARUNAVirginia Run A (437.0) L1 D5 W19 W132.57.512.75
7WAPMILWaples Mill (604.0) W19 L3 D13 W82.57.511
8FAIRHBFairhill B (273.5) L9 W21 W22 L72.09.57.75
9FLORIBFloris B (705.0) W8 W15 L3 L12.0712.5
10FLORICFloris C (460.5) W21 L4 W16 L52.0710.5
11OLGCAOLGCA (511.5) W18 W17 L4 L22.069
12VARUNBVirginia Run B (398.0) L2 L16 W21 W192.066.5
13FLORIDFloris D (101.0) D5 D20 D7 L61.57.516.75
14BURUNCBull Run C (342.3) L4 L19 W20 D151.57.512.25
15FAIRHAFairhill A (659.5) W16 L9 L2 D141.5711
16MILRUNMill Run Elementary School (254.0) L15 W12 L10 D201.5610
17STMSt Thomas More (743.0) W22 L11 L1 D181.565
18ASHBESAshburn Elementary School (0.0) L11 W22 L5 D171.55.55
19FAIRHCFairhill C (100.5) L7 W14 L6 L121.06.512.5
20POPTREPoplar Tree (393.0) L3 D13 L14 D161.057.5
21DREWMSDrew Model School (0.0) L10 L8 L12 W221.055
22VARUNCVirginia Run C (287.0) L17 L18 L8 L210.045.25

SwissSys Standings. VATT3: Unrated K-3

#NameIDRtngTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotPrize
1Neel Mandapati unr.FLORIEW12W38W7W264.0 
2John Dujmovic unr.OLGCBW31W35W21W104.0 
3Julian Suspansic unr.FAIRHDD15W26X---W323.5 
4Jonathan Lee unr.VARUNDD5W14W36W343.5 
5Aman Patel unr.FLORIED4W36W29W283.5 
6Amy Luo14322260unr.BURUNDL20W30W37W273.0 
7Owen Gemignani unr.SHMW25W19L1W353.0 
8Mark Kuzel unr.FRASHEW21W29W17L143.0 
9Matthew Quivey unr.FLORIEW18L15W32W113.0 
10Sree Revoori unr.FLORIEW30W23W20L23.0 
11Dean Vance unr.OLGCBX---X---D24L92.5 
12Joshua Byrd unr.VARUNDL1D25W38W222.5 
13Sean Gunn14527188unr.BURUNDW32D18L31X---2.5 
14Ryan Vo14013943unr.BURUNDD29L4W16W82.5 
15Joy Gu unr.FSESBD3W9L18X---2.5 
16Connor Haas unr.VARUNED28W34L14D362.0 
17Jason Xu unr.FAIRHDW36W28L8L292.0 
18Chase Roche unr.VARUNDL9D13W15D242.0 
19Summer Wang unr.FRASHEW24L7W35L252.0 
20Niels Clark unr.SHMW6W27L10L332.0 
21Nidhi Chilukuri unr.FLORIFL8W31L2W302.0 
22Shreya Papneja unr.FLORIFD27W37D26L122.0 
23Jeffrey Gu unr.FSESBX33L10L30W312.0 
24Taruni Addanki unr.FLORIFL19X---D11D182.0 
25Joanne Lee unr.BURUNDL7D12U---W191.5 
26Ben Vertman unr.OLGCBW37L3D22L11.5 
27Eli Sporn unr.FRASHED22L20W33L61.5 
28Martin Llames unr.OLGCBD16L17W34L51.5 
29Connor Poole unr.SHMD14L8L5W171.5 
30Jason Cheifitz unr.VARUNDL10L6W23L211.0 
31Gabrielle Reed unr.VARUNEL2L21W13L231.0 
32Bora Tekin unr.SHML13X---L9L31.0 
33Hariharmano Shannuharraja unr.FAIRHDF23---L27W201.0 
34Sanjana Medhuri unr.FLORIFX39L16L28L41.0 
35Drew Tidwell unr.FAIRHDW38L2L19L71.0 
36Javier Noyola unr.FSESBL17L5L4D160.5 
37Brooke Reed unr.VARUNEL26L22L6D380.5 
38Samantha Gonzalez unr.FSESBL35L1L12D370.5 
39Luke Saunders unr.FRASHEF34---------0.0 

SwissSys Standings. VATT3: Rated K-8

#NameIDRtngTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotPrize
1Alex Peng134795661550FLORIAW38W12W17W364.0 
2Parv Ahuja138884931363HUNWESW61W21W37W194.0 
3Mandeep Bhadra138085461271HUNWESW45W28W36W144.0 
4Maggie Luo140658811124BURUNAW30W13W41W544.0 
5Neha Pattanaik145044881041BURUNAW58W18W62W534.0 
6Austin Zhang146164471019FLORIAW66W15W70W594.0 
7Aneesh Boreda14569788 733SWESW87W38W68W464.0 
8Shishir Sriramoju14545871159BURUNCW20W75X85W624.0 
9Luke Emanuel13312455690BURUNBD34W25W60W163.5 
10Justin Prince14540434101FAIRHCD69W34W66W723.5 
11Rohan Hirani14671331unr.FLORIDW23W85X---D563.5 
12Vedant Balu139012051109BURUNAW65L1W35W633.0 
13Neeyanth Kopparpu140010761100FLORIAW24L4W42W373.0 
14Anish Sriniketh146503761073BURUNBW82W46W63L33.0 
15Charlie Gunn14347625972BURUNAW72L6W44W603.0 
16Nathan Tankel14591562960HUNWESW50W69W59L93.0 
17Gregory Revesz14267134878STMW78W63L1W683.0 
18Rahul Rajan14246452877FLORIAW56L5W84W403.0 
19Charles Tai14551090808BURUNBW64W47W54L23.0 
20Andrew Vo14013937623BURUNBL8X---W53W223.0 
21Asher Tankel14658085604WAPMILW74L2W55W523.0 
22Jared Tanklel14591577514HUNWESW85X79W40L203.0 
23Nikhil Chintalapati14487677482SWESL11W56W71X---3.0 
24Joshua Bachman14464983460VARUNAL13W39W74W553.0 
25Lilian Zhang14622827349FLORICW86L9W76W433.0 
26Jason Cheah14671394unr.MILRUNL62W58X---W853.0 
27Conley Ku14671290unr.FAIRHBL40W86W29X---3.0 
28Logan Duffy14671373unr.WAPMILW67L3W87W483.0 
29Madison Roche14671200unr.VARUNCW84W71L27W863.0 
30Joel Cheifitz14671126unr.VARUNBL4W83D57W742.5 
31Issac David14670343unr.DREWMSX81L48W65D782.5 
32Jacob Anderson14671420unr.FAIRHBL59W77W80D692.5 
33Eli Engelhardt14671346unr.ASHBESW60D80L43W702.5 
34Kevin Moritz14669435unr.BURUNCD9L10W50W442.5 
35Isaac Karachunsky13741720929FAIRHAW49L36L12W822.0 
36Kavya Kopparapu14001082777FLORIBW48W35L3L12.0 
37Saketh Nadriga14246954761FLORIBW52W41L2L132.0 
38Alan Kittel14457490745VARUNAL1L7W67W872.0 
39Nithya Chintalapati14464062652SWESL55L24W73W472.0 
40Bowen Zhang14622812625FLORIBW27W62L22L182.0 
41Ethan Zhou14463644619FAIRHAW83L37L4W642.0 
42Claire Revesz14640934608STMW88L54L13W732.0 
43Viraj Boreda14569794596SWESW51L66W33L252.0 
44Rachel Naidich14540440591FAIRHAW76W59L15L342.0 
45Jeremy Rechner14572728481POPTREL3W87W82L492.0 
46Ashna Bhatnagar14257782468FLORICW57L14W49L72.0 
47Ajay Potluri14535104458FLORICW77L19W83L392.0 
48Ted Tran14469617447FAIRHBL36W31W78L282.0 
49John Flynn14540235230MILRUNL35W65L46W452.0 
50Aaron Lin14540262172POPTREL16W51L34W762.0 
51Gaurav Mantri14591598101FLORIDL43L50W69W662.0 
52Andrew Chin14513042100FAIRHBL37W57W88L212.0 
53Domenic Allegra14671132unr.OLGCAW71W84L20L52.0 
54Ben Mondoro14671236unr.OLGCAW73W42L19L42.0 
55Ben Choe14671388unr.FLORIDW39W61L21L242.0 
56Joshua Tannenbaum14671174unr.VARUNAL18L23W75D111.5 
57Wil Goodman14669833unr.DREWMSL46L52D30W881.5 
58Marshall Reed14671215unr.VARUNBL5L26W86D751.5 
59William Wang14003094657FLORIBW32L44L16L61.0 
60Sylesh Suresh14540351559OLGCAL33W70L9L151.0 
61Chris Longingo14540256526POPTREL2L55L64W831.0 
62WIlliam Kim14540330499FAIRHAW26L40L5L81.0 
63Vincent Allegra14540345464OLGCAW68L17L14L121.0 
64Varsha Venkatesh14303542445BURUNCL19L74W61L411.0 
65Jared Cheifitz14548378398VARUNBL12L49L31W671.0 
66Anthony Arcomona14583912106VARUNAL6W43L10L511.0 
67Edgar Guerra14540407100FAIRHCL28W82L38L651.0 
68Nikhil Sastry14671180unr.ASHBESL63W78L7L171.0 
69Thomas Effley14671367unr.WAPMILD10L16L51D321.0 
70Xavier Almodovar14671441unr.STMW80L60L6L331.0 
71Reece Johnson14671310unr.ASHBESL53L29L23W841.0 
72Lucca Williams14671147unr.VARUNBL15L76W77L101.0 
73Joshua Amurao14671435unr.ASHBESL54W88L39L421.0 
74Alexander Wahid14671153unr.FAIRHCL21W64L24L301.0 
75Eric Vu14671168unr.FAIRHCD79L8L56D581.0 
76Thomas Kirchner14671304unr.MILRUNL44W72L25L501.0 
77Daniel Belajic14671414unr.DREWMSL47L32L72W801.0 
78Ben McClain14536485287VARUNCL17L68L48D310.5 
79Akhil Reddy14670762unr.WAPMILD75F22------0.5 
80Rebecca Matthews14671263unr.VARUNCL70D33L32L770.5 
81Saarthak Sethi14553948567FLORICF31---------0.0 
82Suchet Sapre14592283423BURUNCL14L67L45L350.0 
83Sean McLaughlin14540220278MILRUNL41L30L47L610.0 
84Charlie Cake14671408unr.STML29L53L18L710.0 
85Ted Ellis14671352unr.POPTREL22L11F8L260.0 
86Christopher Zane14669827unr.DREWMSL25L27L58L290.0 
87David Lacalle14671284unr.FLORIDL7L45L28L380.0 
88Sam McKee14671257unr.VARUNCL42L73L52L570.0