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Tournament Training #2 Results

Link To USCF Ratings Report

The second session of Tournament Training ended on Sunday, and the results from the games are in the link above.  There were some unusual and exciting games played, including this one, where one player had two queens for much of the game.  Most of the focus in these classes is on the games played in the classes themselves, and this tends to help make the lessons more personal and effective.  It's one thing to be told that it's important to castle, it's another to see a game where one player loses because they don't castle, and it's a third to look at your own game where you lose because you neglected to castle.  Looking at a game right after playing it, especially with the help of a stronger player is spectacular way to learn and improve (and the player who lost because of a failure to castle castled promptly in his next game).

The next session starts on Sunday, July 17, and online registration is available here.