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2011 Scholastic Chess Championships

         On November 13, 110 players met to decide the Champions of Greater Philadelphia.  In the K-1 section, Scotty Jordan scored a perfect 5-0, while Lance Kay and Aneesh Raparla both scored 4-1.  In the K-3 section, Collin McDonald was a perfect 5-0, Tate Park was second at 4-1.  Shawn Wang and Claire Cao were close behind the leaders, both 3.5-1.5.   In the K-3 section, Adam Serota won a tense, chaotic struggle against Kiran Rebholz to become K-3 champion with a perfect score.  Kiran took 2nd place on tiebreaks at 4-1 and was joined (in order) by Hayden Keller, Noah Siraj, Nathan Mackouse, Maanas Tammara, and Abhinav Ratnagiri.  Daniel Tartaglione, beat out school mate Sean M. Crowley to win the K-8 championship.  Crowley took sole 2nd, with a 3-1 score.  The K-12 champion not only gets the trophy and title, but also an invite to the Philadelphia Junior Invitational next summer and these awards go to Kimberly Ding, who was 4-0.  Ryan Schiller and Christopher Yang were just half a point behind her at 3.5-0.5.