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2012 February Freeze

    On February 4, over 80 players met in the February Freeze tournament in Wayne.  The Championship section was won by Robert Pattillo, who scored a perfect 4-0 score.  2nd through 5th place with a 3-1 score are: Isaac Tshudy, Praneeth Ramesh, Adam Giovanetti, and Tom McKenxie-Smith.  The top team was Wyomissing High School.
      The K-12 U700 section saw a huge shock as the lowest rated player in that section, Miguel Santos, was the only player to go 4-0.  Caleb Zhang and Lucas Schlesinger were just behind Miguel, having tied each other and scoring 3 earlier wins, so both went 3.5-0.5.  The Philadelphia School earned the team trophy.
      Tke 45 person K-3 U400 section was led by a large influx of unrated players.  We look forward to these players returning for many more events.  There were 4 4-0 scores.  Sean Li, a former camp student, won first on tie breaks.  Second through fourth respectively were Parth Mody, Frank Lin, and Alex Wang.  Pocopson Elementary won the team event.
     The link for full results is: .
      Our next event is the State Warm - Up, which will be at the Mother of Divine Providence school in King of Prussia.  We hope to see everyone there.