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Spring Finale!

     On, May 19th, over 50 people played in the Spring Finale. In the Under 400 section there were 2 perfect 4 - 0 scores - William Knipe (1st on tiebreaks) and Kevin Cui.  There was a log jam of 7(!) players who went 3 - 1.  They were Akshay Mody, Julien Mackensen, Kathleen Koemer, Alexander Szperka, Patrick Li, James Heller, and Jack Bullington, respectively.  The top team was Audobon Elementary with 7 points.

      In the K-12 U700 section, there were 5 people who went 3-1.  They were Daniel Cohen, Neel Jay, Peter Kimball, Adam Behar, and Kevin Koemer.  In sixth place, was Luke Kline who edged out Sean Li for a trophy, when they both went 2-2.  The top team was Bridge Valley Elementary with 6 points.

      In the top section, there was again a group at 3-1 who won the event.  David Weger was 1st on tie breaks, followed by Shawn Wang and then Gloria Cao.   In 4th place, at 2.5-1.5 was Maanas Tammara, followed by Alex Wang and Claire Cao who both scored 2-2.  The top team was again Bridge Valley Elementary with 5 points.

     Though this is the last Saturday tournament for the school season, we will have our monthly Friday Night Actions in Bryn Mawr on June 15, July 13, and August 24th!.