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The Autumn Knight

      On October 8, over 50 people met for the first Saturday tournament of the fall (Friday Night Action's occur once a month throughout the year.)  There were three sections for the event this year.  The largest section, the U400 K-6, is a great section for kids just starting out, had five new players.  There were trophies for places 1st - 7th.  There was a tie for first place between two players who had been to a couple of tournaments, with Nathan Tai and Henry Platt both going 4 - 0.  Platt taking first on tie - breaks.  The top team was Wayne Elementary with 9 total points.

        In the U700 section, Aneesh Raparla had the only perfect score to take 1st place, 4 - 0.  The top team was The Philadelphia School with 5 points.  In the Open section, Jack Lieberman and Ana Hallman tied for 1st with a 3 - 1 score.  The Independence Charter school won the team prize with a score of 4 total points.

       On November 10th, Shining Knights will host the 2012 Greater Philadelphia Scholastic Chess Championship at Maple Glen Elementary in Fort Washington.  The event is listed under the tournament tab!  Look forward to seeing you all there!