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6th State Warm-Up

126 People - that is how many people played in the 6th Annual State Warm – Up tournament. This new record was highlighted by Adam Serota, a seasoned Shining Knights camp and tournament participant, winning the top section trophy and the $50 cash prize with a 4 – 0 score. Six players followed closely behind with a score of 3 - 1. The top team was Masterman, with 10 points, and the second highest scoring team was Whitemarsh with 5 points.

             In the U700 section, Noah Riccardi was the only player scoring 4 – 0. He received $25 and a trophy.  Seven players followed with a score of 3 – 1. The Philadelphia school was the top team with 12 points and Skyview came in second with 8 points.

             In the U400 section, a section of 76 people, the largest ever in a Shining Knights tournament, had four players score 4 – 0. These four players were Zuni Zarate-Ramirez, Max Orenstein, Miles Gee, and Tommy Bosack. The top team was Skippack Elementary with 13 points and Friends Select came in second with 12 points.

             Good luck to everyone at the state championships in 2 weeks!