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The Pawn's March

       Shining Knights used a great new facility in Conshohocken for the Pawn's March Tournament on March 23rd.  This facility was enjoyed by 57 students divided into 4 sections.  The Under 200 section is a new section that allows unrated and very new tournament players to just play each other.  This section was won by Sritan Bhumireddy with a perfect 4 - 0 score.  The top team was Whitemarsh with 2.5 points.

       In the Under 600 section, Michael Bai and Alexander Szperka both scored a perfect 4 - 0 score.  Michael Bai took 1st place on tiebreaks.  Michael and his teamates from Skyview won the top team trophy with a score of 10.5.

       In the Under 1000 section, three players tied for first place with scores of 3 - 1.  Risa Azim won 1st place on tie breakers, with Caleb Zhang taking 2nd place, and Aryan Singh winning 3rd.  Bridge Valley won the top team trophy with 2.5 points.

      In the championship section, Jay Pendyala had the only perfect score to take 1st place, 4- 0.  He and his sister, both from Lionville Middle School, won the top team trophy with 5.0 points.

       Thank you to all who came, we hope to see you at this facility again for the April 27th Pieces of April tournament.