7th Annual State Warm-Up

One hundred and twenty-one players came out for the 7th Annual State Warm Up held February 22, 2014 at Mother Teresa in KOP.  This event is usually the biggest event of the year as many people get ready for the State Championship, held 2 weeks from now in Carlisle (2015 will be in Lancaster.)

       In the Under 200 section, Jay Laird won with a perfect 4 - 0 score, just edging out Justin Lam and Paul Stricker.  Lam and Stricker each had 3 wins and a draw.  In the Under 500 section, Evan Liddy and Ethan Soloway both scored a perfect 4 - 0.  Evan took first on tiebreaks.  In third place, Matthew Enders had 3 wins and a draw.  In the Under 800 section, Sriraj Kallat and Nolan McCloskey both scored a perfect 4 - 0, with Sriraj winning first on tiebreaks.  In the Championship section, Aneesh Raparla was the only perfect score, and thus won the section 4 - 0.  The section was very competitive and 2nd and 3rd were the only two other players with three wins.  These were Michael Bai and Caleb Zhang respectively.
        In two weeks, many of the tournament participants, and a few Shining Knights students who were not at the tournament will try to win state titles and trophies.  We hope they all have a good time and wish them the best of luck in their games.