10th Annual State Warm-Up

On Saturday, March 4, 2017 we saw 147 youth players battle on the chess board. There was great energy in the room, spreading into the skittles section where parents and coaches anxiously awaited the results throughout the day. Here are the top finishers:


K-6 U200 Individual:                      K-6 U200 Top Team: Upper Providence Elementary  

1          Jasmine Liu

2          Dylan Liu

3          Alex Tapper

4          Connor Little

5          Pierce McLendon

6          Abhi Attili

Consolation medals to Michael Montabana, Ryan Liu, Krithik Rajasekar, Caelan Mulder, Jackson Carey, Colin Varano, Halle Levinson, and Christian Peterman

K-6 U500 Individual:                       K-6 U500 Top Team: The Philadelphia School 

1          Somil Tare

2          Ronan Murphy

3          Shane Gilday

4          Alexander  Babka

5          Rhea Howard

6          Lukas Bleyen

Consolation medals to Matthew Miller, Sathvik  Bollepalli, and Rich Liu


K-12 U800 Individual:                      K-12 U80 Top Team:  Pocopson Elementary

1          Neel Chakraborty

2          Anshul Kollur

3          Evan Hawkes

4          Rahul Kurien

5          Justin DeRosa

6          Varsha Iyengar

Consolation medals to Ved Tiwari, Andrew Hu, Andrew Solovyev, and Yajat Gupta

K-12 Championship Individual:       K-12 Championship Top Team: Merion Elementary

1          Hemanthe Kolluri

2          Lillian Wang

3          Micah Dubnoff

4          John Krasnick

Consolation medals to Justin Lam and Aaron Lutz

Thank you all and hope to see you at our next tournament on Sat, Apr 29th: Chess Pieces of April being held 1-5PM at Ithan Elementary, 695 Clyde Rd, Bryn Mawr, PA!