Seventy-one players met at the 4 H building in Collegeville to compete in four sections for individual and school team trophies. 

                In the Under 200 section, Peter Goldberg scored the only perfect score, 4 – 0 to win the section.  Five players scored 3 – 1 for 2nd to 6th place: Arush Maitra, Bhargav Medasani, Jeremiah Attalia, Cole Miller, and Arnv Pinsetty, respectively.   Devon Elementary was the top team with 5.5 points (Arush Maitr and Apeksha Bansal) and Upper Providence was 2nd (Jeremiah Attalia an Ryan Tighe.)

                In the Under 500 section, all six prize winners scored 3 – 1 and were: Owen Blarney, Arnav Kandikonda, Michael Legnola, Anton Lalwani, Sylvia Spencer, and Pratik Fernandes, respectively.  The two schools to win a trophy were Skyview (Owen Blarney and Michael Legnola) and in second place, Devon Elementary (Anton and Nicholas Lalwani) .

                In the Under 800 section, Arnav Sadashiv had a perfect 4-0 result.  This was followed by Greta Goldberg, Anderson Chan, and Navein Suresh, all going 3-1 and Alex Babka, who edged out several other 2.5s on tiebreaks.  The school trophys went to Springford (Abhi and Neel Attilli) and Penn Wynn Elementary (Timothy Han and Shadi Harb).

                In the Championship section, Yajat Gupta scored 3.5 – 0.5 to secure 1st place.  Joshua Ouyang, came in 2nd, with a 3-1 score with Somil Tare, 3rd, and Jonathan Yang, 4th, both still with 3-1.  The final trophy went to Vasishta Tumuluri with 2.5 points.   The school trophy went to Lionville Middle School with 5.5 points (Yajat Gupta and Abhinav Ravishankar).

                Hope everyone enjoyed the event and will make the event in Plymouth Meeting on November 17th!