Eighty-eight players met at the 4-H Center in Collegeville, PA for the last Shining Knights
tournament of the year. All four sections were hard fought with few perfect results. The
results are posted on the US Chess website at - (results are not in tie
break order so your child may have finished third but be listed as sixth.) The next Shining
Knights event will be in late February. Happy Holidays everyone!
Here are the top players per section:
 K-6 U200 Individual:                                      Top Teams: Kutz Elementary
                                                                                            St. Phillip Neri Elementary
1 Eliot Weber
2 Paul McLaughlin
3 Dimitris Kesisoglou
4 Chetan Nallapaneni
5 Ben Seeger
6 Prateek Menon

K-6 U500 Individual:                                Top Teams: Valley Forge Middle School    
1 Albert Wang                                               Exton Elementary
2 Saharsh Hulage
3 Siddhartha Alluri
4 Han Sam Kim
5 Haasya Putumbaka
6 Vahini Sadhu Venkata
K-12 U800 Individual:                       Top Teams:  Wallingford Elementary
1 Jude Torrens                                                            Spring-Ford Intermediate
2 Shadi Harb
3 Clark Kerkstra
4 William Isaac Aronstam
5 Jacob Robert Walters
6 Shrey Hulage
K-12 Championship Individual:                  Top Team: Lionville Middle School
1 Ilya Galushkin
2 Dylan Liu
3 Tanay Parripati
4 Varsha Sudarshan Iyengar