Tournament Results: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh

On December 1, 53 players participated in Silver Knights' chess tournaments in Horsham and Bethel Park, PA. The Bethel Park tournament was our first in the Pittsburgh-area. Top seed Rahul Ghai scored a perfect 4-0 to win the tournament. Tying for second place were Steven Keelon and Nicholas Minshall, both with a score of 3-1.


In Horsham, the K-3 section went according to form, leading to a titanic last-round battle between the top two seeds, Max Polichuk and Benjamin Lu. Max emerged victorious from their last-round game, winning his second tournament in a row! The Philadelphia School took first place among teams, powered by Benjmin Kenney and Zachary and Joshua Zeelander.


Evan Betzenberger came all the way from Easton to win the K-8 section with a 4-0 score.  Evan was rated only 508 prior to this event, but on his way to winning first he took out players rated 753, 739, 644, and 1005. Evan gained 361 rating points from this event, and deservedly so! The Murray Avenue School brought a strong contingent and dominated the K-8 team competition.

The national grade championships are this coming weekend in Houston, so wish all of our players that are competing good luck!