Tournament Results - February 9

USCF Rating Report

The February Battle chess tournament was held on February 9 at Wayne Elementary School in Wayne, PA.

The K-3 section was dominated by Beaumont Elementary, which won top school with 9.0 team points. 3rd-grader Richard James King led the way for the team with a perfect 4-0 score. Tying for 2nd-6th place with 3-1 scores were Gabe Nadel, Noah Siraj, Wyatt Willner, Clayton Johnson, and Joseph Donato.

In the K-8 section, top seed Praneeth Denduluri (1309) went 4-0 to win his second tournament this year. Tying for 2nd-5th place at 3-1 were David Arias, Benjamin Lu, Curtis Sumner, and Michael Sydnes. Ithan Elementary school won the top team prize with 5.0 points.

Look for videos of some of the games from the February Battle to get posted on the Online Training Center later this week!