Tournament Results - March 15

USCF Rating Report

On March 15, thirty-six players competed in the March Mirage chess tournament in Horsham, PA. Kindergartener Anand Bhatt went 4-0 to win the K-3 section, defeating top seed R.J. King in the final round. Finishing tied for 2nd-5th place at 2.5-1.5 were King, Ben Verbofsky, Andrew Brownlie, and Stuart Sumner. Interestingly enough, Bhatt defeated each of those four players on his way to the title.

In the K-8 section, top seeded Brice Huang cruised to a 4-0 score. The crucial win came in the third round, when Brice outplayed Benjamin Lu in a time scramble. Daniel Gildenbrand, Yoni Weiss, Rachel Yakobashvili, and Michael Sydnes all finished tied for 2nd-5th place at 3-1.