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U.S. Championship - Fourth Round

Just when I though that the angel who was watching over me during the last two rounds would be with me the whole tournament, she abandoned me.  I lost today against Walter Browne, who is formerly one of the top players in the world.  Now his best years are past, so I did not expect to lose to him, but he played very well.  He got a better position out of the opening.  Then it seemed like I had surmounted all my difficulties, but it was really not the case.  I allowed some tactics to happen, thinking that there had to be something there, but there just wasn't.  The best I could find was a spectacular-looking (but benign) queen sacrifice which led to a position where I had only some drawing chances.  He won with good technique.

Shabalov is running away with the tournament - he beat Hikaru Nakamura today with black, and now has 4 /4.  "Shabba" has a very sharp and creative style, and is one of my favorite players. 

Tomorrow I play against Jay Bonin, an international master from New York.  For some reason I get black again.

-Bryan (p.s. the game score above is incorrect.  I had a pawn on a4 until the end of the game.  My 31st move was Qb3, not a3)