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U.S. Championship - Sixth Round

Today I played very badly against GM Perelshteyn.  I didn't expect his first move e5, and decided to play the ancient opening which Nakamura used last round to defeat GM Yermolinsky.

I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?  Well, actually I was just worried about what Eugene would play against the Ruy Lopez, and I had looked at Nakamura's opening last night and thought it was interesting.  Unfortunately it didn't work out.  I got a bad position, but then apparently Eugene made a mistake.  I didn't believe it when Jaan Ehlvest told me after the game that 16.Re1 gives me a big advantage, but it is true.  Instead I played the routine 16.cxd4, which is losing. 

Shabalov's streak finally came to the end when he lost a beautiful game against Alexander Onischuk.  Shabalov is still a half point ahead, and tomorrow plays Ehlvest with white.  I play against FM Michael Langer tomorrow, with black.