Workshop Results - July 27

USCF Rating Report 

Last Sunday, 15 scholastic chessplayers gathered at the Bryn Mawr Community Center to study for a day with IM Bryan Smith and NM Adam Weissbarth. The players were broken up into groups by rating. The championship game of the top group featured 7th grader Kunal Lobo, rated 1738, and 2nd-grader Kevin Zhou, rated 1165. Kunal, playing white, sacrificed a pawn in the early middlegame to stop Kevin from castling. The game was unclear for a long time, with both players having chances to win the game. In the end, Kunal's experience and steadiness won the day, as he outplayed Kevin in a long endgame that turned into a time scramble. Congratulations also go out to Jerry Mangan (768), Jacob Guynee (630), and John Bolger IV (322) for winning their respective groups.