Tournament Results - World Amateur Team Championship

Over President's Day Weekend, a team of four Pennsylvania chessplayers journeyed to Parsippany, NJ to play in the 2009 World Amateur Team Championships. The World Amateur Team is a very popular and well-attended tournament (always over 1,000 players!) where the only rule is that the average rating of each team must be under 2,200. Our team was comprised of FM Rodion Rubenchik (rated about 2340), PA State Champion NM Peter Minear (about 2280), NM Adam Weissbarth (2225), and Daniel Weissbarth (1950).

After a tough third-round loss, we rebounded to win our last three matches and finish 5-1, winning the prize for the top team from Pennsylvania. Below are some pictures from our celebration afterward. Don't forget that you can meet and challenge the state champion, NM Peter Minear, at the upcoming Greater Philadelphia Scholastic Championships on March 21.

mmmm.jpgOur team (from left, NM Peter Minear, FM Rodion Rubenchik, NM Adam Weissbarth, Daniel Weissbarth)








mmmm_dan.jpgDaniel ponders the deep complexities of chess...













mmmm_book.jpgRodion studies the famous Aronian-Leko game from his book. No wonder Rodion is so good at chess!









Scott, our bartender.