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September Storm Results

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There was a full house for the September Storm, as sixty-one players filled the Montessori School of McLean.  In the K-12 Championship section, Mandip Bhadra surged to the top, with a perfect 4-0 score, though Parv Ahuja and Navid Bajoghli were nipping at his heals with 3.5 out of four.  Camden Wiseman, Meredith Lee, Max Lee, and Tad Mrozek all tied for fourth with 3 wins.  Louise Archer won an incredibly close team competition as Camden, Max, and Alex Jian combined to score 8 points.  The team competition came down to the very last game of the tournament, where Max Lee's win leapfrogged Louise Archer past Hunters Woods.


In the K-8 U-600 section, Armin Dubert and Sadhana Suri both won all their games and tied for first.  There was a huge tie for third place, as Jerry Li, Neil Deng, Abhishek Allamsetty, Michael Fitzgerald, and Joshua Bachman all won three games.  Sadhana Suri also took home the team trophy as she and teammate Aasa Dommalapati combined to score 6 points.


In the unrated section, Adam Dietrich  went undefeated to take first place, and Addison Phelps and Pawan Jayakumar tied for second with three wins each.