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ImageWelcome to the website of the Shining Knights Chess Company! We partner with Elementary schools, Middle schools, and community centers to teach chess to children. We teach students of all different levels, from total beginners to national champions. We also run scholastic tournaments, where students can compete both individually and as members of their school’s team. For the more advanced scholastic chessplayers, we organize monthly adult chess tournaments to allow for stronger competition. We currently teach classes and run tournaments and camps in Pennsylvania.

To register for one of our chess events, click on the appropriate link above. If you have any questions about our chess events, feel free to contact us or look at our FAQs.

15th Annual State Warm-Up


There were 82 Kings and Queens battling over the board in the 15th Annual State Warm-Up to prove 
their dominance! Cheers to the victors and the spoils of the four round skirmishes were awarded to:

K-12 Championship:                             Top Team Championship:
   Samuel Li                                               Merion Elementary
   John Zheng
   Maxwell Adoff
   Elyar Rafi

K-12 U800:                                             Team Awards:
   Adrian Cheng                                           Merion Elementary
   Kritarth Acharya                                       Radnor Middle School
   Venica Jain
   Gad Alhaik
   Han Sam Kim

K-6 U500:                                                Team Awards:
   Kyle Schaubel                                         Merion Elementary
   Andrew Cai                                              Radnor Elementary
   Boyue Wang
   Britt Shelton
   Ratna Konda
   Rory Brennan

K-3 U200:                                                   Team Awards:

   Viaan Chaudhary                                        Radnor Elementary

   Cecilia Plummer                                          Lower Gwynedd Elementary

   Evan DeLaurentis
   Rhys Groenen
   Alex Bian
   Sawyer Dugan



There were 106 Wood Pushers battling it out over the chessboard in four different sections.
Congratulations to all who participated! After the mind games, captures, checks, checkmates,
and when the dust settled the winners are:
Samuel Li
Roshan Rafi
Isaac Shephard
Elyar Rafi
Top team Merion Elementary

K-12 U800
Amy Wong
Maxwell Adoff
Arden Kucharski
James Zheng
John Zheng
Top teams Merion Elementary and Ithan Elementary 

K-6 U500
Kritarth Acharya
Gad Alhaik
Rory Brennan
Connor Lopes
Adam Brein
Yashar Vaezi

Top teams Radnor Elementary and Bucks County Montessori Charter School 

K-4 U200
Warner Ellsworth
Charlie Bontempo
Safina Munisova
Ethan Zhang
Jacob Steinway
Drake Lassin
Top teams New Hope Solesbury Upper Elementary and Lower Gynedd Elementary


There are lots of aspiring young chess players that could use your wisdom.  If you have availability to coach our after (or before) school classes please open the tab for About Us, then the drop down box for Employment to apply.  We provide you with training, equipment, lessons AND compensation.