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Welcome to our chess store! You should be able to find anything you need to arm yourself, your family, or your school team with as much chess equipment as necessary.

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Basic Chess Bag
$12.00 each
Basic Chess Bag

The basic chess bag carries chess pieces and has a loop to store a rolled-up board. It's an easy way for beginning students who don't have a clock or a scorebook to carry a set. Does not include board or pieces.

$12.00 each
Chess Pieces

These durable, tournament-style chess pieces are perfect for scholastic players and adults alike. Buy them alone if you already have a board, or as part of one of our chess set combos to get the best possible price.

$35.00 each
Chess Set Combo #1

Our basic chess set includes chess pieces, a board, and a bag. Perfect for the beginning chessplayer.

$7.00 each

Scorebooks are a great way for scholastic players to keep all their games in one place. Each page has a place to record the moves, the names of the players, the event, the round, the ratings, and more.